The Best Rucksack Brands for Beginner Hikers in 2023

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If you’re a beginner hiker, you know the importance of having the right gear. A well-made and comfortable rucksack can make the difference between an enjoyable hike and one that is filled with frustration if the fit isn’t right or it doesn’t suit your needs. To help ensure you choose the best gear for your next outdoor adventure, here’s a list of seven of the top hiking rucksack brands on the market today.

Osprey – best overall

Osprey is a company that focuses on creating the best and most reliable rucksacks for hikers and outdoor adventurers. Founded in 1974 by Mike Pfotenhauer, the brand has been making backpacks for 45 years and has developed a strong following worldwide.

Osprey’s commitment to excellence is evident in its wide range of products that are designed to perfectly match people’s needs, from lightweight daypacks to heavy-duty expedition packs. Their packs are made out of high-quality materials and offer excellent support, durability, and comfort for those who take part in any kind of outdoor activity.

Furthermore, each pack is tailored to meet the specific requirements of different activities such as hiking, biking, mountaineering or skiing. The brand also provides a lifetime warranty on all its backpacks, so you can be sure that your investment will last you many years.

In addition to their packs they also offer other accessories such as hydration systems, sleeping bags, rain covers or replacement parts such as shoulder straps or hip belts. All these extras allow their customers to customize their backpack to fit their individual needs when exploring the outdoors.

Osprey’s mission has always been to create durable packs with the latest technology so people can go further into nature than ever before. As a result, everything about the design is carefully thought through with attention given even to small details like ventilation systems and pockets placement; this makes them one of the most sought after brands when it comes to rucksacks for outdoor activities.


Berghaus is an outdoor brand founded in the UK in 1966. It’s a British-born company, who specialize in outdoor clothing and equipment, including hiking rucksacks. Berghaus has been around for over 50 years and has developed into one of the most famous brands in the outdoor world. Berghaus focuses on creating innovative products that are tailored to meet the needs of serious outdoor adventurers. Their rucksacks are designed to be lightweight and strong, with extra padding for comfort and adjustable straps for easy carrying.

Their range of hiking rucksacks come with plenty of features to make your next trek easier. These include waterproof materials, expandable pockets, breathable mesh back panels, and ergonomic designs to help you stay comfortable even when carrying a heavy load. The combination of outstanding value and practical features makes them a great choice for any outdoors enthusiast looking for a quality backpack that won’t let them down.

Berghaus continues to push boundaries when it comes to designing high-performance or stylish bags for everyday use or intense adventures. The company works constantly with athletes from different disciplines such as climber Leo Houlding and endurance athlete Jasmin Paris to innovate new products such as their bespoke Hyper Smock jacket or the updated Trailhead 65+10 backpack range perfect for long hikes or multi-day treks. With their commitment to quality products and sustainable practices, Berghaus is an ideal option if you’re looking for a reliable rucksack that will take whatever challenges you throw its way!

Regatta – if on a tight budget

The Regatta company is a leading outdoor clothing and footwear manufacturer based in Manchester, UK. Founded in 1981, Regatta has become an iconic British brand that celebrates the outdoors with stylish designs and innovative fabrics. They are well known for their quality waterproofs and warm layers, as well as their range of hiking rucksacks.

Regatta prides itself on creating highly functional and durable products that allow people to enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities without worrying about their gear. Their rucksacks are made with lightweight but tough materials, meaning they can withstand any kind of weather conditions while also providing plenty of storage space. With sturdy padded straps and adjustable support systems, they help to evenly distribute weight across your body for maximum comfort while carrying your camping gear or other items.

In addition to creating high-quality products, Regatta also actively supports charities such as Macmillan Cancer Support, Cool Earth and Refuge. This helps ensure that their commitment to the environment isn’t just about making great products but about giving back to those who need it most.

The Regatta team is passionate about the outdoors which is why they continue to create innovative technologies such as flatlock seams which help make garments softer and more breathable so you can focus on enjoying your experience in nature without worrying about dealing with the elements. They also offer a lifetime guarantee on all of their products so you can be sure you will get years of use out of them – no matter how extreme your adventures may be!

Jack Wolfskin

Jack Wolfskin is a German outdoor clothing and equipment company founded in 1981. They specialize in creating durable, high-quality products designed to stand up to tough outdoor conditions. The company is well known for their production of high-quality hiking rucksacks and backpacks.

Jack Wolfskin prides themselves on providing the best possible protection from the weather, with waterproof materials and rainproof coatings applied to many of their products. Their rucksacks are also designed to be lightweight, yet strong enough to keep your belongings safe. They feature adjustable straps for optimal comfort as well as plenty of pockets and compartments for organizing items during your hike.

Furthermore, Jack Wolfskin’s rucksacks come in a variety of sizes, colours, and styles so you can find the perfect one for your next adventure. In addition, they offer a lifetime warranty on their products so you can rest assured that your investment will remain protected.

All in all, Jack Wolfskin offers an unbeatable combination of functionality, durability, design, and protection; making them a great choice for any hiker looking for the best quality rucksack available.

Mountaintop – best middle of the range

Mountaintop is a company specializing in the production of high-grade hiking rucksacks. Established in 1986, Mountaintop has since become one of the leading brands in the outdoor industry and are renowned for their commitment to producing sturdy and practical designs that can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. With an extensive range of models, colours and sizes, Mountaintop have something to suit every outdoor enthusiast.

The material used in their products is of superior quality; taking into account both strength and durability whilst keeping it lightweight and comfortable. All their backpacks feature adjustable straps, multiple pockets for storage, waterproof zippers and breathable materials to ensure maximum comfort on those days out on the trails. Plus all their products are designed with ergonomic considerations, including contoured shoulder straps that fit snugly against your body to provide extra support when carrying heavier loads.

In addition, Mountaintop offer a wide selection of accessories to go with their backpacks such as hydration packs, hip belts and rain covers which are all designed to enhance your experience outdoors. As well as this they also have a lifetime warranty so you can be sure that if anything should ever happen to your backpack then they’ll be there for you.

Overall Mountaintop offers a great selection of high quality hiking rucksacks and accessories at affordable prices all while maintaining their commitment to customer satisfaction by providing excellent customer service. Whether you’re looking for something small enough for day hikes or large enough for multi-day treks across difficult terrain — Mountaintop has something perfect for everyone!


Salomon is a company that has been in the outdoor industry for over 75 years and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hiking rucksacks. Founded in 1947, Salomon was originally a manufacturer of alpine ski bindings and skis. In the mid-1990s, they began making specialized performance clothing and footwear for outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, and skiing.

Today, Salomon specializes in designing and manufacturing high-end outdoor equipment such as running shoes, backpacks, protective apparel, sleeping bags, and more. Their rucksacks are especially popular amongst hikers due to their superior comfort and ergonomic design. All of Salomon’s products are made with a focus on performance and durability so you can trust that whatever you purchase will last a long time.

The company uses premium materials such as nylon fabric and ripstop nylon when creating their backpacks to ensure both strength and waterproofing in any settings or conditions. They also feature adjustable straps for added comfort as well as plenty of pockets for organizing your items while on the go. The lightweight construction makes it easy to carry even when it’s full of items while their smart design helps distribute weight evenly across your body. Finally, the integration of advanced technologies like MotionFit™ ensures an optimal fit regardless of your size or shape.


Deuter is a German company that has been making high quality, durable hiking rucksacks since 1898. Founded as a small family business by Hans Deuter, the company has grown to become a leading manufacturer in the outdoor and sports industry.

This brand is renowned for its innovative design and superior craftsmanship, with their backpacks setting the standard for comfort, stability and performance. Deuter’s backpacks are constructed from lightweight, tear-resistant fabrics to ensure they can take on any outdoor challenge. They also feature adjustable straps and body-hugging hip belts for optimum weight distribution and load carrying comfort.

The rucksacks are designed to keep you comfortable no matter how extreme your terrain or activity. With sizes ranging from 10L to 80L, there is an ideal size pack for every type of adventure!

Deuter prides itself on manufacturing quality products that are trusted by athletes around the world; their products have even been used in world class expeditions such as summiting Mt Everest! In addition, Deuter supports numerous social projects and initiatives focused on protecting our environment and promoting sustainability.

As a result of their commitment to the planet and their customers’ satisfaction, Deuter continues to be one of the most trusted names in outdoor gear today.

Conclusion – the best rucksacks for beginners

Whether you’re just getting started or are an experienced hiker looking for something new, these seven brands have got everything covered when it comes to finding quality hiking backpacks at reasonable prices. Of these seven brands mentioned here today, Osprey and Mountaintop stand out as offering particularly high quality rucksacks that won’t break the bank.. Thanks for reading – happy trails!

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