Jobs to help you reach 10,000 steps a day: stay fit whilst working

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Do you always find yourself struggling to reach 10,000 steps a day? No matter how hard you try, hitting the recommended activity level just seems impossible. Well, why not amp up your step count by finding a job that requires some extra movement throughout the day? It’s time to forget sitting at your desk all day long and spark a passion for physical activity – from postal workers to dog walkers or park rangers. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best jobs for reaching 10,000 steps each and every day!

  • Postal Worker – As one of the most iconic and traditional jobs that involve walking a lot, postal workers are known for delivering mail to neighbours and businesses around the area. Having to walk from house to house, as well as up and down stairs, can add up to thousands of steps in a day.
  • Courier – Utilizing bikes or even cars, couriers are responsible for picking up packages from businesses and delivering them on time and safely. With numerous drop-offs throughout their shift, a courier’s job can include lots of walking while they search for the right address or spot to park the car or bike.
  • Park Ranger – Park Rangers have one of the most rewarding jobs that involves walking throughout nature and exploring historic sites. Whether they’re maintaining trails or keeping visitors safe, rangers can take hundreds of steps per hour during their shifts.
  • Newspaper Delivery Person – Another job that has been around since forever is newspaper delivery person. From delivering newspapers door-to-door in neighborhoods or finding racks to place them in public areas, newspaper delivery people have likely taken more than 10,000 steps per day already!
  • Waitress/Waiter – Working in a restaurant requires endless running back and forth between tables to bring food orders out and check on customers’ needs. All these small trips add up significantly for waiters/waitresses who are constantly moving about throughout their shifts!
  • Tour Guide – Tour guides get paid to show visitors around some of the greatest cities in the world! Whether it’s pointing out landmarks or telling fun stories along the way, they spend countless hours leading groups on long walks through charming streets – adding plenty of extra steps into their daily routine!
  • Cleaner – Cleaners don’t just stay put in one area all day – they move from room to room performing tasks like vacuuming carpets, dusting shelves and windowsills, mopping floors etc., all which require quite a bit of physical activity if done by hand!
  • Construction Worker – Anyone who works in construction knows exactly how many steps you take when you carry heavy materials from your truck onto site – not mentioning all those times you need to move yourself up ladders or scaffolding!
  • Gardener/Landscaper – Landscapers spend tons of time outdoors carrying tools such as wheelbarrows full of soil while also cleaning walksways with brooms and leafblowers – leaving them plenty tired after a long day at work!
  • Moving Company Employee – Moving companies employ teams specifically dedicated to helping families with relocations across town or even across countries – meaning lots of packing boxes into trucks; driving; unloading boxes; carrying large pieces furniture up stairs – definitely over 10k worth of steps every single day!
  • Flight Attendant: Flight attendants have to constantly be on their feet during their time spent in the air and when they’re in the airport itself walking back and forth between gates or to check in desks. On any given flight, a flight attendant can walk up to 10 miles for a four-hour trip!
  • Sales Person: Whether it’s in retail, wholesale, or door-to-door sales, sales people have to be up on their feet constantly, walking from one customer to another and carrying various products. In one day alone, a salesperson may take up to 10,000 steps just while at work!
  • Housekeeper: Keeping hotels clean requires lots of walking – from room to room with supplies like vacuums and cleaning solutions as well as multiple trips down long hallways all add up quickly when it comes to steps taken each day!
  • Construction Worker: Working construction means spending days on end out in various types of weather conditions doing physical labour that involves lots of movement – meaning that even if you’re not intentionally trying for 10K steps per day you’ll probably hit it without even trying!
  • Painter/Decorator: Painters frequently have to climb ladders multiple times throughout their shift which adds up quickly when it comes to total number of steps taken each day; additionally lots of bending down and straightening up with paint cans also adds extra movement into your workday routine!
  • IT Support Specialist: Those working with technology often find themselves having to move around between heavily populated servers rooms and supporting end users, often on multiple floors.
  • Dog Walker: Dog walking is a great way to stay active and reach your daily step goal. The more dogs you can walk at a time, the more steps you can take in an hour. As a bonus, you get to spend quality time with some furry friends!
  • Fitness Instructor: If you want to stay fit then being an instructor is the ideal job for you. Running exercise classes means that you will be constantly on your feet and getting all those vital steps in during each session – it’s a win-win! Not only do you get paid, but you also stay healthy!
  • Farm Worker: Most agricultural jobs involve plenty of walking such as tending crops or feeding animals – something that needs to be done regularly throughout the day regardless of weather conditions. Reaching 10,000 steps should be no problem here!
  • Security Guard: This is one of those jobs that requires constant movement as security guards tend to patrol different areas throughout their shift depending on where they are stationed. If they cover multiple locations then chances are they will have more than enough steps in by the end of their shift – plus there is always the option of taking breaks with longer walks too!
  • Caretaker: Working at schools or offices involves lots of cleaning and maintenance which means plenty of walking around the building and grounds throughout the day – this job can help people reach their daily step goals easily!
  • Veterinarian: Vets often make house calls or travel to farms, where they may need to walk long distances in order to provide care for animals.
  • Groundsman: A groundsman is responsible for maintaining landscaped areas such as parks, gardens, cemeteries, etc., which requires them to continuously walk around these areas in order to ensure that everything is kept in perfect condition.
  • Teacher: Teaching involves having students move around a lot during classes as well as having teachers move around the classroom themselves—meaning that there are plenty of steps taken each day when teaching!
  • Nurse: Nurses and other healthcare professionals constantly move from room-to-room tending to patients’ needs—from taking vital signs to administering medication—which adds up to quite a few steps a day!
  • Museum Guide: Museum guides often spend much of their time leading tours through different sections or galleries within museums which requires them walking long distances throughout the course of their shift

Conclusion – jobs to help you reach steps a day

Knowing that physical activity is beneficial to your health and overall wellbeing, it might just be time to look for a job that helps you reach your 10,000 step goal and more. Whether it’s becoming a hiking guide, a dog walker, or something else entirely – take some time to think about the steps you can take in finding employment that gets you up and moving around. With will power and dedication to the cause there’s no reason why you couldn’t hit that magical number all while fulfilling a career interest at the same time. The journey of improving your health all begins with taking the initiative to make small changes so why not start searching for something now? Take charge of your future and look for a job that helps with your health goals.

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