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You may think that socks are just socks, but there is a big difference between the socks you wear to work and socks that are designed for walking in. A good pair of socks can make the world of difference to your feet.

Here’s a list of what you should look for when choosing your walking socks:


Good walking socks should have plenty of cushioning which will help prevent blisters. So look for cushioning around the heel, around the widest part of your forefoot, and across the achilles.


If you wear a normal pair of socks that you would wear to work whilst walking, you will find that they probably slip and if not attended to could easily cause blisters. Good walking socks are made of dense yarns made of wool, nylon and elastene. They will grip your foot firmly and the insole of your boot.


Walking socks are designed to wick away moisture from your skin out to the boot, where a well designed boot will take the moisture outwards to keep your foot dry. The best material to do this is merino wool.


You need a pair of socks that fit snugly and won’t loosen or lose their shape over time. Good walking socks should last for about 3 years, even if used often. The processes used in manufacturing, along with the quality materials, ensures that after every wash they maintain their shape.

A good walking sock will feel fantastic when you try it on. Warm, but lightweight, soft and with padding, and enough support to keep your feet feeling great.

Here’s a few recommended socks:

Perfect for use with lightweight shoes, the Bridgedale Women’s Hike Ultra Light Merino Pattern Socks are a great summer sock, with the perfect combination of lightness and cushioning.

The 1000 Mile 3 Season Walk is a sock that has so much cushioning which is ideal if your boot has a harder insole than others. Made from Merino wool so ideal for wicking moisture away.

The Regatta Trek & Trail has great moisture management, perfect for a summer’s day. It also boasts a great cuff which grips your leg and won’t fall down.